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Case Study - EPDM Screen Gasket with Stable Structure

Customer Introduction:
Our customer is an Australian company manufacturing products for thermostatic mixing valve systems. They require us to manufacture a customized screen gasket for the filtering process.

Project introduction:

  1. Customer requirements:
    Our customer sent us a new message through our website, saying that they need a quantity quotation of EPDM screen gasket with 10 mm outside diameter and 20 mesh screen, and the quantity is 1000+ pieces.
    Then their purchasing manager contact us, provided more detailed manufacture drawing of the screen gasket, and increased the quantity to 30000 pcs. The material of the screen mesh is required to be stainless steel 304.
    After get detailed specifications and based on the manufacture drawing, we consult this with our technical office and confirmed that we can do this. Then our cost accounting office provide the moderate price for the goods.
    Successfully our customer accepted our price and sent their PO to us.
    But they need us firstly made some samples for them to test.

    To ensure the specific diameter and shape of the screen gasket, even several samples, we need to make a mold first, so we told our manager we need mold charge, and customer accepted that.
    They finished the sample charge quickly.
    After checking the sample quality, customer made a 30000 pcs PO to us, and we used 25 days to manufacture them.

  2. There are nine screen gasket with white frame around a American coin. The color of the gasket can be customized, as well as the diameter and thickness.
    There are ten screen gasket with white gasket on someone's hand. No matter large size or small size, as long as you provide details, we can do it.
  3. The problems we met with & how we solved them:
    After get our goods, customer started to apply them into their filter machine.
    However, they emailed us about the unqualified goods.
    Since their must be gaps where two wires cross each other, so the liquid EPDM material is easy to flow into the mesh screen, then the filtering area is influenced and reduced.
    So our customer required us produce replacements for the unqualified part of the goods.

    We communicated about the problem with our manufacture office, then we decide to roll down the mesh first, so as to reduce the gaps between wires, then the liquid EPDM won't flow to the filtering area.

    To be responsible to our customer, we decided to make a new suitable mold and new qualified screen gaskets for them, without any charge, totally free. And our customer accepted that.

  4. Delivery
    Since the size of the screen gasket is small, and the total quantity is not so large. So we used DHL to delivery the goods to our customer's place.
    And the packing is first wrapped by plastic film then out into wooden case.
There are many screen gaskets in a white carton box. We would firstly check the quality of the screen gasket one by one, then carefully pack them.

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