• Fourteen screen gaskets with stainless steel metal gaskets and stainless steel wire meshes are divided into two groups on red cloth.

    Metal screen gasket with stainless steel wire mesh has high tensile strength and mainly for solid-liquid separation.

  • Several filter elements in different shapes like basket and bowl, they are woven by stainless steel wires and are according to customers' request.

    Irregular filter elements in different shapes are manufactured according to customers' request, so as to be applied to specific places.

  • Three oval shaped filter discs with stainless steel metal gaskets and stainless steel wire meshes are on the red cloth.

    Oval shaped filter disc has a relatively larger filtration area than normal filter discs and they have high filtration precision.

  • The ends of two candle filters which woven by stainless steel wires and welded with metal gaskets on each one's end.

    Candle filters woven by stainless steel wires have high mechanical and compressive strength, and are mainly used for petroleum filtration.

Screen Gaskets for Filtration of Gas, Liquid and Solid

Four kinds of screen gaskets are rubber gasket with wire mesh, rubber gasket with perforated metal plate, metal gasket with perforated metal plate and metal gasket with wire mesh.

Boegger Industech Limited is the leading manufacturer of screen gaskets and their related filtration products. We all know that screen gaskets play an important role in chemical, foodstuff and pharmaceutical industries' equipments. The screen gasket has two parts, the rubber or metallic gasket and the wire mesh or perforated plate screen. The rubber materials can be Buna, FKM, Viton, EPDM, PTFE, Silicon, NBR and so on. Since the screen gaskets are often used in wet, acidic, heat or oily environments, so the material of our screen gaskets are corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, rust resistant and high temperature resistant, so as to ensure a stable and excellent performance. And our rubber gaskets can perfectly seal the edge to ensure that the liquid would not leak from the edge.

By the way, our company also produce filter discs without rubber gasket to satisfy our customers' request.

We have four kinds of screen gaskets as follow:

  • A: Rubber gasket with wire mesh are mainly used to separate gas out of liquid.
  • B: Rubber gasket with perforated metal plate are mainly used to separate solid particles out of liquid.
  • C: Metal gasket with perforated metal plate are mainly used in process stream with high pressure.
  • D: Metal gasket with wire mesh are mainly used to filter petroleum liquids.

There are mainly four kinds of industries our screen gaskets are applied to, namely foodstuff and beverage industries, chemical industries and pharmaceutical industries.

Screen gaskets can be applied to foodstuff and beverage industries, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries and petroleum industries.
  • For Beverage Industry
    To ensure the pure of the beverage, screen gaskets are necessary to filter the impurities in the liquid.
  • For Chemical Industry
    It is very dangerous if the chemical liquid is not pure, so screen gaskets play an important role in chemical liquid filtration.
  • For pharmaceutical Industry
    The drugs we take when we are ill must to be safe and non-toxic, so we need screen gaskets to filter the impurities.
  • For petroleum Industry
    In order to ensure relatively pure petroleum, screen gaskets are the best choice for petroleum oil separating equipment.

Why choose us?

  • Wide applications and convenient life
    Our screen gaskets could be applied to many places, like foodstuff and beverage industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry and pharmaceutical industry to protect sensitive equipment component, proof the dust and separate the gas or solid particles out of the liquid. From the spray balls and nozzles to oil pipes and pharmaceutical equipment, our screen gasket can reduce many unnecessary troubles and help creating a convenient life.
  • Distinct advantages and reasonable price
    Since our screen gaskets always need to be soaked in various liquid, like water and oil, so they are all abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant, and they are anti-acid and anti-alkali to ensure a long service life. Our different materials have their own features to satisfy different environment's requirements. Our products not only have distinct advantages, but also have reasonable price to make us stand out from the competitors.
  • Various materials and numerous sizes
    We have numerous of raw materials for gaskets or screens for customers to choose, like Buna, Viton, EPDM, PTFE, Silicon, BR for the gaskets and stainless steel wires, low carbon steel wires, copper wires, perforated metal plates for screens. And also the size of our screen gasket ranges from 1/2" to 12", and we can also manufacture screen gaskets according to customers' request.

As you can see, our company provides qualified screen gaskets, filter discs and they can be used for various applications. Besides that we also provide after-sales service for our customer.

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Hot Products

Screen gasket made of rubber or metallic gasket and metal screen has excellent pressure resistance, protecting sensitive machine parts from foreign particle.

Filter discs made of stainless steel wire mesh or black iron wire mesh have high tensile strength and resist acid, alkali and corrosion.

Candle filter with woven wire mesh or perforated metal has high filter precision and good permeability, mainly for petroleum and chemical industry.

Filter slices woven by stainless steel wires are rust resistant which could provide a long service life, and they can be processed into different shapes.

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