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Candle Filter for Petroleum and Pharmacy Industries

Boegger candle filter, also called filter tube or filter cylinder is a common type filter strainer, the stainless steel woven wire mesh and perforated metal welded in tube, cylinder and pipe shape to separate gas and liquid. And different layer number, different mesh size and different diameter thickness are required to ensure high accurate filtration fineness. Candle filter with perforated metal mesh has high bending and crimping resistance, which can provide rigidity and durability in applications. And they are mainly used in petroleum, pharmacy, chemical, water treatment and foodstuff industries.

Five perforated stainless steel candle filters and a folding woven wire candle filter on the floor.

Perforated stainless steel candle filter has high tensile strength to resist high pressure and heat.

A stainless steel woven mesh filter in someone's hand, and the background is a pile of woven mesh filters.

Stainless steel woven mesh filters are acid and alkali resistant, and they can help to stop the foreign particles.

Three sizes of candle filters, and they have perforated metal with round hole outside and stainless woven wire mesh inside.

Filter tubes which combine perforated metal and woven wire mesh together have better and stable filtration performance.

A folding woven wire mesh making an candle filter, and it has high mesh number for efficient filtration.

Candle filters made of folding woven wire mesh have high filter fineness and can efficiently filter gas out of liquid.


  • Material: 302, 304, 316, 316L stainless steel wire, Monel 400, aluminum wire, brass wire, copper wire, galvanized wire, nickel wire, Hastelloy, low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, glass fiber paper, iron sheet.
  • Wire diameter: 0.02mm - 1.0mm.
  • Mesh count: 20 - 630 mesh.
  • Mesh weave type: plain weave, twill weave, plain dutch weave.
  • Candle filter inside diameter: 50mm - 470mm, outside diameter: 60mm - 600mm.
  • Mesh hole diameter: 0.2mm - 100mm.
  • Mesh hole shape: round, square, diamond, cross, triangle, plum blossom, hexagonal, star, irregular.
  • Plate thickness: 0.2mm - 15mm.
  • Surface treatment: PVC coating, powder coating, galvanized.
  • Filter fineness: 2μm - 340μm.
  • Operating temperature: -270°C - 480°C.
  • Certification: ISO9001, SGS.
  • Open area: max 60%.
  • Packing: waterproof paper inside and then put into wooden case.


  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Acid and alkali resistant.
  • Wear resistant.
  • Heat resistant.
  • High mechanical and compressive strength.
  • Strong assimilative capability.
  • High filtering precision.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Stable performance.
  • Good permeability.
  • Large filter area.
  • High porosity.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Long service life.


  • Metallic wire mesh candle filters.
  • Non-metallic wire mesh candle filters.
  • Perforated metal candle filters: spiral lock seam candle filters, straight seam welded candle filters, straight lock seam welded candle filters.
  • Single layer candle filters.
  • Multilayer candle filters.
  • Combination of perforated metal and several layers of wire meshes candle filters.
A spiral lock seam perforated metal candle filter and a carton box stand on the ground.

Perforated metal candle filters have stable filtration performance and they are corrosion resistant.

A candle filter made of multilayer copper wire woven wire meshes stand on a piece of white cloth.

To ensure the accuracy, candle filters are always have multilayer to resist pressure and corrosion.


Boegger candle filters or filter pipes and tubes usually are made of multilayer sintered wire mesh and perforated metal, which are widely applied in the filtration of liquid and gas. They can combine adsorption and filtration together to remove the organic matter, radio-active substance and foreign particles from water and liquid. And they also can remove unpleasant taste and odors. Therefore our candle filters can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, heavy-duty, machine, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, food and beverage industries. To be applied for gas distribution, water treatment, dust removing, air purification, solid-liquid separation, gas-liquid separation, dry filtration and dustproof.

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